An Overview of Radioactive Waste Disposal Procedures of a Nuclear Medicine Departments

In the Nuclear Medicine services, it is needed a good model for disposal of radioactive materials which are used on patients. Iodine (I-131) Waste Holding Tanks are one of these waste managements models. Liquid wastes of patients which are hospitalized in Iodine (I-131) treatment units has to be kept in holding tanks with certain conditions defined by Turkish Atomic Energy Authority. Two of 6m³ Waste holding Tanks must be used for each treatment room in Nuclear Medicine Department but quantity and dimentions of tanks can be differ by number of rooms. In waste management systems there are PLC monitor systems and various sensors tracking fullness of tanks and overflow. For clear environment and human welfare it is critical that Nuclear Medicine practice and installations of waste management systems are handled by the professionals.

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Iodine (I-131) Treatment Units and Holding Tanks

Epsilon Electronic continues its services with their experienced and specialized team and with more than 40 Iodine (I-131) treatment unit and waste management systems installations within Turkey. Our company supports you on licensing avalible project and planning subjects and guarantees Turkish Atomic Energy Authority licensing on turnkey projects.

Nuclear Medicine / Radiology Department Shielding

Alonside of iodine treatment units, our company also provides turnkey projects and shielding services for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology departments.

Generator and Iodine Solution Shield

We are providing Generators and iodine solution shields to Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmaceutical producers. Epsilon-Elektronik-Iyot-Atik-Tanklari-1

Technical Service

For aftersales maintenance and repairs, our technical service team stands ready to deliver fast and high quality service. All procedures are being done accordingly to Radiation Safety Regulation.

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